March 26, 2009

As you can see we have decided to
radically change the website. I am
playing with some new styles and
ideas and have graduated to some
new technology to help me bring
those to fruition.

I know that we have been terrible
about updating the site and I hope
that tweaks I am making will make it
easier for me to update on a more
regular basis.

All is well in Pittsford, NY. Eleanor is
growing so fast. She will be 8
months old on April 6th! She is still
our little "peanut" but she is starting
to come into her own. She loves to
smile, laugh, play and is interested
in just about everything that is within
he little arm's reach. I will be
posting pics soon.

Winter is winding down on Winding
Rd. and we are ready to start
moving the family activities outside.